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Web Application Penetration testing

The rise in cybercrime has forced governments to form new authorities to tackle cyber warfare. A Gartner Research report states that, 75% of attacks today occur at the application level.

Our penetration testing simulates the actions of an attacker exploiting weaknesses in the web application without the usual dangers. This test examines applications for any weakness that could be used by an external attacker to disrupt the integrity, availability or confidentiality of your business, thereby allowing you to address each weakness.

Our security researchers have developed highly efficient, well-documented methodologies and tools to quickly assess and identify security issues in web applications. Our tests adhere to industry standards such as OWASP, WASC, OSSTMM, business logic tests and scoring system based on CVSS.

In our lab the testing is performed using the best of manual and automated techniques to ensure total application coverage. The methodology allows our researchers to be consistent in finding most business logic vulnerabilities that are missed by automated tools. We eliminate false positives through advanced heuristics and manual verification by our security consultants.

Tests can be scheduled at any time through our cloud client portal system; view reports and track vulnerability fixing in your application, online even during off hours. We group the vulnerabilities as critical, high, medium and low based on its severity for quick fixing and easy understanding.

Our Solution:

  • On-Demand test Scheduling using Online Portal.
  • Maximum coverage of business logic flaws.
  • Proof of exploitation and screenshots.
  • Detailed recommendations with source-code examples in your development language.
  • Re-testing of vulnerabilities until closure is a complementary part of our service.
  • Our experts help your team understand and fix issues.
  • Step by step POCs make the issues easy to understand and reproduce.
  • We create test cases to address your business concerns and pain areas.

Key Benefits:

  • Schedule the test anytime you want and view the reports online.
  • Your web applications are tested thoroughly for both technical and logical issues at the development level.
  • Your team understands the root causes and can prevent issues in the future.
  • Our test covers all of the OWASP top 10, 26 WASC classes and meet the requirements of compliance standards.
  • Prevent application downtime and increase productivity.
  • Quick turn-around time for fixed release and all issues are closed thoroughly.
  • Secure your business reputation.
  • 50% or more cost savings compared to other alternatives.
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