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Vulnerability assessment

The presence of your business on the Internet involves dealing with new challenges and threats in an ever-shifting landscape. Every website on the Internet is targeted anywhere from twice to 200 times a day by crawlers that attempt a slew of diverse attacks – some for well-known exploits, others for recently discovered, and as a result unpatched, vulnerabilities. Since these are automated attacks, their numbers will only grow, and those behind this will never tire.

We do vulnerability assessment testing to investigate and identify the criticality and extent of vulnerabilities found in applications, including front-end and back-end systems. To match the customized needs of your organization our testing methodologies are designed to be efficient and effective. Our approach is business driven. Vulnerabilities are investigated, documented and reported according to the potential damage that may arise if they are exploited.

Current tools are not capable of detecting business logic errors and even many of the common flaws might be missed. Unlike competitors website security services which only focus on automated scanners, we thoroughly map your business logic, web application data flow and in-turn identify workflow related vulnerabilities. We deliver the best end-result with combination of automated and expert-driven manual testing for your web applications.

Our vulnerability assessment service rapidly tests the security of your web application from common threats and attack vectors.

Our Solution:

  • Detailed recommendations with configuration examples for specific platforms.
  • Re-testing of vulnerabilities until closure is a complementary part of our service.
  • Our experts help your team understand and fix issues.
  • Our testing guidelines meet the requirements set by most compliance standards.
  • Step by step POCs make the issues easy to understand and reproduce.
  • We create test cases to address your business concerns and pain areas

Key Benefits:

  • Your team understands root causes and can prevent issues in the future.
  • Our test meets the requirements of compliance standards.
  • Quick turn-around time for fixed release and all issues are closed thoroughly.
  • Securing your business reputation.
  • 50% or more cost savings compared to other alternatives.
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