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Be confident that your operations are secure

Hackers are very good at gathering and abstracting sensitive private information from unsuspecting non-technical employees. While businesses have in place operational security policies and network device configurations to protect against intrusion attempts, they often leave the holes open, which the attackers usually exploit for intrusion. when the risk and vulnerability of IT systems are assessed in enterprise networks the contribution of other factors such as physical security and employee security awareness are often overlooked.

While companies spend huge amounts of money in securing their sensitive resources from an IT perspective, employee security awareness is not always adequately addressed and individuals are always vulnerable to social engineering attacks by attackers gathering information for later use. Phishing is the one of the most commonly used social engineering technique to gather sensitive information.

Cyber Alpha Security helps customers improve security awareness and expose vulnerabilities in their system using baiting, phishing and other social engineering techniques, to evaluate information security policies and also, to determine whether crucial security information could be obtained.

Contact Cyber Alpha Security today to ensure your employees are not the weak link in your security.

Key Benefits:

  • Detailed report to understand how we gathered critical information.
  • Very effective information security policy recommendations.
  • Security awareness training and consultation.
  • Your business reputation will be protected.
  • 50% or more cost savings compared to other alternatives.
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