Cybricon Oy, our new partner in Finland

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Cybricon Oy is a privately owned company entirely focused and specialized in Cyber and IT risk management services and solutions for Enterprises, organizations and government to protect their uninterrupted business continuity, customer service and reputation from Cyber and IT security threats, risks and vulnerabilities threatening the reliability and integrity of their IT systems.

Cybricon Oy, founded in 2013, is located in Helsinki metropolitan area and its offering covers Nordic customers and organizations with main offices primarily in Finland and Sweden but Norway and Denmark are also included.

Cybricon Oy’s services gives the customer a clear visibility and access to current risk zones and their specific vulnerabilities through services, tools and processes developed for these purposes by Cybricon Oy which are:

•    Vulnerability assessment
•    Threat analysis
•    Reporting & conclusion and action items
•    Rectification & corrective measurement
•    Stratetegic consulting
•    Follow-up & regular check-point
•    Proactive measurements

The Cyber and IT risk management services give the customer a clear understanding of their current risks, risk levels and possible actions in order to reduce or eliminate the risks. The services cover risk areas such as: Hacking & external intrusion, Device theft/ loss, Malware, Internet enabled fraud, System and user errors, Internet and network, Paper printouts, Careless behavior & attitudes, Skill gaps, IT infrastructure and Current risk management practices and processes.

Whether it is about a small or large IT management project, a small or large customer organization, a domestic or international operation, a family owned company or a listed public company Cybricon Oy is the right partner and supplier.

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