Infrastructure Security

Network Penetration Testing

As networks continue to grow and become more available in the Internet, it is critical that organizations understand what their risks are in terms of network security. Our Researchers will perform an active analysis of the network system for any potential vulnerability by emulating a real-world attack through our well acknowledged testing methodology. Our penetration testing service assists to gain assurance that the controls in place are effective at preventing security breaches by simulating the actions of an attacker exploiting weaknesses in your network and attempt to escalate privileges without the usual dangers.

Our team is fully aware of the latest network intrusion tools and techniques used by the cybercriminals to breach into corporate networks and the systems within to obtain access to confidential data and critical resources. The final result of every test presented by Cyber Alpha Security includes complete details on the systems and network identified, exploitation results, and both tactical and strategic recommendations. The reports and analysis delivered to the customer will assist in the creation of more effective security policies for the lifetime of the organization.

Many clients have more specific requirements when it comes to defining a scope of works, which is where Cyber Alpha Security is able to offer a full tailored service from an individual test or a complete framework agreement for ongoing assurance.

Key Benefits:

  • Protect your organization values to earn your customers' trust.
  • Proof of exploitation to make the issues easy to understand.
  • Your team understands the root causes and can prevent issues in the future.
  • Prevent network system downtime and increase productivity.
  • 50% or more cost savings compared to other alternatives.
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