Application Security

Mobile Application Code Audit

Increasing smartphone usage combined with the rapid growth of smartphone applications have created an alarming scenario where our sensitive private information is being pushed to the new device perimeter at a quick rate. Smartphone applications are mostly used to store and transmit sensitive information across enterprise networks.

By reviewing mobile application code from multiple perspectives our audit service is the most comprehensive in the market to cover the most common threat vectors. Our source code review service is the basic mechanism to validate the design and implementation of security for an mobile application through source code examination.

In our security center analysts reverse engineer and use proprietary tools to identify business logic and technical vulnerabilities in your mobile applications. We offer security source code reviews for almost all major mobile platforms including Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

Our Solution:

  • Detailed recommendations with source-code examples in your development language.
  • Re-testing of vulnerabilities till closure is a complementary part of our service.
  • Our experts help your team understand and fix issues.
  • Our testing guidelines meet the requirements set by most compliance standards.
  • We help you to identify and prevent sensitive data leakage.
  • Identify sensitive data transmission over unencrypted channel.

Key Benefits:

  • Quick turn-around time for fixed release.
  • Meets the requirements of compliance standards.
  • Your applications are tested thoroughly to address your concerns related to customer data.
  • Identify weak algorithm usage and hard coded secret keys in your application.
  • Quick turn-around time for fixed release and all issues are closed thoroughly.
  • Securing your business reputation.
  • 50% or more cost savings compared to other alternatives.
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