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Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering

ISACA has discovered that “two out of three enterprises think it was only a matter of time before a highly-targeted attack occurred in their organizations and also that targeted APT attacks being experienced by one in five professionals�. It also stated that “eight out of ten enterprises mentioned antivirus as a primary defense despite plenty of anecdotal evidence that this layer is ineffective in defending against targeted attacks�.

Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) that target sensitive enterprise data are abiggest threat to big organizations. It requires a high degree of stealthiness over a prolonged duration for them to be successful. The attack objectives of these APT malwares typically extend beyond immediate financial gain, and the compromised systems persist to be in service even after key systems have been breached and initial goals reached. Cyber criminals behind the attack employ the full spectrum of computer intrusion techniques to breach into corporate networks. They have a specific objective and are skilled, motivated, organized and well-funded.

Malware is the key element in a successful APT operation. Custom developed malware is commonly used to achieve specific objectives and steal sensitive data from enterprise systems. When a malware breaches your corporate defenses, you need to act quickly to clean the infections and prevent future ones from occurring.

We work with organizations around the globe to help them identify the root cause behavior of APT threats through our well-structured malware research methodology. In our virus research lab we use our own in-build malware analysis tools to study the behavior of advanced APTs that target high profile enterprise networks. Unlike, other available malware analysis tools, ours are fool proof in analyzing the behavior of stealthy APT malwares.

Our malware analysis service is available to customers with a deep investigation by reverse engineering the malicious executable code.

Key Benefits:

  • A detailed analysis report to understand the true extent of compromise.
  • Details about Indicators of compromise.
  • Information about the vulnerability exploited by the threat and who was behind the attack.
  • In-depth network packet analysis.
  • Discover the network intrusion ability of the malware.
  • Our researchers help your team to clean the malware infection.
  • 50% or more cost savings compared to other alternatives.
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