Enterprise Cyber Security

Incident Response

A new burst of cyber-attacks has made companies and government organizations to add more defenses to guard their networks. Continued research indicates that enterprise organizations were, in fact, hacked by overseas criminals. Most organizations started to realize that a multi-layered security strategy is required, rather than one solution for securing systems and data. One of the layers that many organizations are including in their strategy today is a team that responds to hack incidents, Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT).

The malicious insider crawls to your most vital corporate information assets through exploration against your Internet infrastructure. Attackers are targeting your systems with increased malevolence and hiding. Even with security breaches and losses on the rise, medium and small organizations fail to handle and investigate them due to non-availability to such services.

Cyber Alpha Security takes a comprehensive and proactive approach to help you cover all the bases. Our cyber incident response team works with organizations to oversee the consequences of a successful cyber-attack in their network. This service helps our clients to manage cyber security in the deepest way possible. Our security incidence response engineers help organizations around the world to detect, respond, remediate and protect enterprise infrastructures after a security breach.

Key Benefits:

  • Assist in the evaluation of new technologies and techniques for prevention and containment.
  • Investigating new security vulnerabilities and threats.
  • The most adequate response for security breaches.
  • Additional in depth review of all IT security plans and procedures.
  • Provide risk management analysis of IT implementations and how it affects the organization.
  • 50% or more cost savings compared to other alternatives.
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