HAWKEYE - Architecture

Ease of deployment is one of the primary design goals of the service. HawkEye deployments are easy to design and offer several customization options. HawkEye provides some key benefits for system architects.

  • HawkEye is able to deploy in a variety of network types and conditions
  • It is able to offer virtualized deployments for smaller requirements
  • For medium and small enterprises, HawkEye components can be consolidated
  • Clustering features allow HawkEye to scale seamlessly
  • HawkEye offers scalability at all levels with a single SIEM - Threat Management window

A large number of complex deployments are delayed or fail due to the inability of a system to adapt to the environment. HawkEye is different, it is able to comply with the demands of the architecture and still deliver value to its customers. HawkEye provides highly effective detection profiles for attacks from the internal and the external networks. HawkEye allows a large amount of customization in attack detection modules across deployment architectures.

Soft Appliances

HawkEye is uniquely positioned to provide complete accessibility and significantly lower the entry barrier for its customers. The internal architectures was adapted so that the system can be installed on generic hardware. Now HawkEye can be installed on any hardware within minutes, which allows customers to induct stock hardware into HawkEye clusters. HawkEye currently supports the following deployment models:

  • Hardware Appliances - Cyber Alpha Security ships hardware appliances to customers who would like to ensure that support and benchmarking is delivered through HawkEye.
  • Soft Appliances - Customers can choose to setup HawkEye on existing hardware, HawkEye provides a simple initial installer with support to kick start your SIEM - Threat Management system.
  • Virtual Appliances - HawkEye also deploys in the virtualized environment, it is able to work with cloud operators and provide threat detection as a pluggable add-on.
  • HawkEye is used by several cloud and hosting providers around the globe as SIEM - Threat Management platform for their critical infrastructure. Read more about our datacenter alliances.

Hardware sizing and distribution

All HawkEye deployments are different; therefore they are faced with unique design challenges. One such challenge is the size of the deployment. Since security is an equal requirement across enterprises, HawkEye is built to provide solutions to customers of all sizes. However, there are a few basic options one needs to consider during the design phase.

  • HawkEye needs to deploy two components on the customer network namely the IDD and the NAG.
  • Both these components can be deployed on a single piece of hardware if the traffic utilization is limited and the hardware used is capable.
  • Alternately, both these components can be distributed into two different systems if the traffic utilization is heavy.
  • Moreover, each of these components can be further distributed into a cluster to fit larger requirements.

Contact us to get personalized support in building up a solution design just for you, we will understand your requirements and recommend the best HawkEye plan you could use and also recommend the right hardware required to deploy.

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